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From Detroit to Downriver and from Downriver to Detroit, everyday families have the same needs: access to opportunities for good-paying jobs and economic advancement; seniors should be able to live with the dignity and respect they have earned; and education, housing, and health care services that help them get ahead.

My personal story is not unlike that of many young people who became victims of crime, poverty, and tragedy growing up. My life required me not only to “pull myself up by my bootstraps,” it required me to tan and cut the hide, stitch the soles, and weave my own bootlaces!

Yet every challenge I faced strengthened me, made me wiser, shaped, and gave purpose to nearly 22 years of a career serving the public. Through my work, I have seen first-hand how our federal, county, state, and city governments can make a difference in the lives of everyday people. That is what drives me!

My roots in politics and public service are true to the bone. My Great Grandparents David Gilliam & Josephine Sabbath-Gilliam-Bludders were true public servants. In the City of River Rouge, they left a blueprint to the term Servant Leadership. It is an honor to see the Walter White Elementary School Playground named after David Gilliam, and The Clarence B. Sabbath Elementary-Middle School named after my Great Uncle, Clarence B. Sabbath, who served as a former Commissioner.

I watched my family serve the Downriver community for many years. They taught me the importance of giving back and taking care of others. As City Councilmember, I will not abandon the Downriver communities. I will continue to fight for everyday families and protect economic access to good-paying jobs.

I am ready to take my knowledge, experience, and commitment to Lansing to fight for the values you and I share, to work for the policies and reforms that leave no one behind, and to be of service to you.

I hope you will be inspired by my story and vision for our city and its diverse communities. It’s why I want to serve as your next city councilmember. I am asking for your support and your VOTE on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, 2020 General Election.