Protect Senior Citizens

Every senior deserves to live a life of dignity and with the respect, they have earned for years of working hard, building our communities, and, oftentimes, stepping up to nurture and raise their grandchildren when called. Seniors are the backbone of our neighborhoods and families. Protecting the interest of seniors should be a priority to everyone. We owe it to our seniors to keep them safe and healthy.

Serving as the Director of the Senior Citizens Department for the City of Detroit under two Mayors, I know firsthand the challenges our seniors face. Seniors in the City of Ecorse will have no stronger advocate for seniors because I understand the critical reforms and programs our seniors need to live a life of independence, good health, and dignity.

I will:

  • Work to establish a ‘Community Advisory Roundtable for Senior Citizens: I will fight to establish a much-needed, single advisory team that focuses on the unique issues facing our seniors like nursing home safety and quality; health and social service coordination; and identifying and fighting fraud schemes that target our senior population and resources to assist with everyday needs including physical fitness activities.


  • Cut Taxes, Fines, and Fees: Seniors on modest and limited incomes struggle with every day increases in prices for food, transportation, and housing. No senior should have to choose between paying for essential state service and buying food or medicine. That’s why I will fight to eliminate the tax on pension income and cut state fees for services like vehicle registration and licensing.


  • Fight for Accessible, Affordable Senior Transit: Every senior deserves to live as independent a life as possible and access to affordable, reliable transit is essential to that goal. It is unconscionable that, even today, seniors are stranded doctor appointments; waiting for too long in the cold to get to church, the grocery store or to visit family and friends. That’s why I will fight for regional transit that will ensure robust, safe, and affordable transit for seniors.


Increasing Economic Opportunity and Access to Good Jobs

Decades ago, workers from all over the country flocked to Michigan for the promise of steady work and a good-paying job. That promise has been badly broken the deliberate policies of our state government to “race to the bottom,” supporting wage stagnation and income inequality. That must stop!

I will fight to protect and enforce prevailing wage laws, which ensure our skilled tradespeople can earn a decent living; I will work for policies that incentivize using Michigan businesses and in-state labor on projects that use your tax dollars, and I will focus on leveling the playing field for minority contractors, those who are creating wealth in our community, to access contracting opportunities.

Protect Everyday Families

During COVID-19 we have watched thousands lose their jobs and only source of income right here in our own backyards. When our education system fails our kids…when workers can’t get to the jobs they need…and when basic needs like insurance, housing, and health costs skyrocket, everyday families, fall further and further behind.

We must do better to prioritize the needs of our community.

  • Improving Job readiness Programs: I will work to fund programs our children need to succeed like critical programs in math and science so our kids can compete, and making post-high school training and college more affordable.


  • Affordable Housing Supports: The City of Ecorse needs to ensure greater flexibility and funding for critical housing supports that are a growing need of our most vulnerable populations. Programs liken essential home repairs for senior citizens and quality affordable housing to the nearly 200 citizens returning to our community each month from incarceration is greatly needed.


  • Reduce Violent Crimes: The City of Ecorse has seen an increase in violent crimes over the past 2 years. It is imperative that we as a community identify ways to reduce these acts by reinvesting in our Public Safety Department and working with our youth by creating employment opportunities.


Investing in Urban Communities, Fostering Economic Diversity, and Growth

Building the economy of the future…logistics…diversifying our region to ensure continued growth and opportunity for every citizen.

  • Create Access and Opportunities for Minority Contractors
  • Connect Residents to Human Services and Resources
  • Small Business Development